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My art is based partly on the idea of recycling, using left-over materials to create new art objects influenced by elements of African art.

Some of my childhood memories of existing African cultural lifestyle were the expressive and dramatic mimics of figurative wood carvings and the atmosphere of secrecy reflected by these traditional artifacts.

Beside that was my fascination for the colourful and intricately fashioned traditional costumes. This fascination was reawakened when I was an art and design student.Having acquired a general knowledge of art aroused awareness of certain characteristic elements of African art that are relevant for my creativity. This influence goes beyond bright earthy colours to stylisation and the masks, which are de-ritualised and reduced. They have become progressive elements which are characteristic and recognisable in my art style.

My background influence enables me to be flexible and to move between painting and sculpture. My paintings dealing with general topics are influenced by places, cultural elements, society, nature and trends, depending on where I happen to find myself. Today, my work includes the experiences I had living in places with very different cultures on three continents- Africa, Europe, and Asia.

My ideas are mostly expressed in abstract painting using simple lines on a mixture of a colourful textured background so that the sketchy motif remains a part of the background and sometimes combines with a collage of paper and other materials.

A continuation of this simple means of expressing my ideas can also be seen in my sculptural objects where the lines are replaced with a transparent outer frame using wire mesh which I fill with different materials.

In specific cases, I develop my ideas from my collection of different materials ranging from wood, wine cork, synthetic to metallic scraps in order to create art objects in my own style. I use welding or carving techniques, mostly as a means of re-using these items beyond their usual and familiar function.